Production scale
Since 2000 the company began to expand, the existing factory area of 30,000 square meters, staff of nearly 300 people, including technical personnel and management staff up to50 people. The company has introduced RCAD, PR / E, MODE, front-wheel System Design, TYCON, MSC and other professional software product development. In order to ensure products meet and exceed customers the indicators requirements, the establishment of technical centers and testing centers, to be located dynamic and static laboratory.

Production management
TS16949 quality supervision
Chenchi will take "customer-oriented process" approach, throughout theTS16949 quality system, using eight quality management principles; will put production quality into the standardized management. To select international suppliers of raw materials , to do global sourcing, and each batch of raw material have been carried out strictly inspection; through the establishment of a central production control system, Real-time monitoring of the production process to ensure the quality and perfection.

5S production site management and TPM overall manufacture supervision
In pursuit of the best quality assurance, the implementation of Chenchi "5S"production site management, and nurtured an understanding management, improvement and an excellent team of literacy. On this basis, the further implementation of TPM production management, as the production site the core, in order to strengthen equipment management as an entry point, promote full participation of enterprises, Encourage their employees to work independently to achieve maximum production efficiency, and strive to achieve zero breakdown, zero accidents, zero defects, and effectively reduce the production development cycle, and other management objectives.

The advanced testing center hastens of high quality transmission products
As the belt industry leader, Chenchi company attaches great importance to invest in testing equipment, with fatigue test were prepared by multi-function adhesive tape machines, belt fatigue testing machine, tensile testing machine CNC, sealed-type on -Rotor remoter, William-type testing machine, rubber hardness machine, DIN abrasion test machine, flexing testing machine, impact testing machine and a series of advanced laboratory equipment, in the support with test center, company’s products meet the Japanese automobile industry standards and SAE standards and other international standards, the products were tested in any field.