Indstrial Timing Belt

InIndustrial Synchronous Belt

The synchronous is of the latest driving mode utillizing the gear connection between the belt-gear and wheel-gear. For adopting the qualified neoprene asmain material which have been compounded by necessary agents with various functions, that can make the driving of synchronous belt precise, w/o lubrication,non sliding difference, non pollution , small noice, 0.98 driving efficiency, largespeed ratio range 1:10, 50m/s linear speed, severalwatts to hundredsof kw and also suitable for multi shaft driving. Neoprene synchronous has the trais of movable flexibilitty,anticracks,perfect property,excellent ozone property, antiageing, thenmal resistance,oil resistance and durability.

This priduct is suitable in the machineries for spinning,vehicle,fibre,tobacco,pulpification,printing and chemicals,in recent years,the demands form mining, metallurgy,iron machinery and hospital equipment are increasing day by day.

PU Belt product introduction

Polyurethane min V-type belt:it adopts high intensive but low extension chemical libre string as skeleton. which is covered polyurethane pouring glue on both upperand below surfaces. Its double surfaces (or single surface) are arc. It has various advantages of all resistance wear resistance, shock suppression and small noise, It is many applicable to driving household electric sewing machine ,highspeed table drill,washer as well varous precision instrument. we are able to produce according to user's requirements for diffenerent circumference and model.

Double Sided Timing Belt

1.The pitch & tooth type of double sided timing belt is same as that of single sided timing belt.
2.There are two kinds of double sided timing belt:
    DA: Arrangement symmetrical (a)
    DB: Arrangement overlapping (b)

Note: We can produce symmetrical (DA) and overlapping two kinds double sided timing belt. For particular specification, we can also make according to clients' drawing and sample.